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Bericht Sixsens: Nelly, 25, Rumänien

Dieses Thema im Forum "Sonstiges Deutschland & Ausland" wurde erstellt von moravia, 22. September 2020.

  1. moravia

    moravia verdienstvoller Rheinländer

    Registriert seit:
    20. Juni 2008
    Jetzt noch die Zweitverwertung eines Werkes ...

    spricht sehr ordentlich Deutsch
    25 Jahre
    u.a. auch Paradise (Filderstadt), Samya, Luderlounge, YY, "Schaufenster" in Bochum, Atlanta in Hanau
    Langes schwarzes Haar
    150 cm, KF 34

    Natürliche A/B-Cups mit schönen (Traktor-) Nippeln
    Tattoos: keines bemerkt

    Rather by chance I met Nelly in the bar hall. We got a nice chat sitting on the couch whilst Nelly started a cuddling telling me about the different clubs she knew in the last couple of years (Samya, Luder Lounge, Paradise, YY, "window shopping" in Bochum ....). It was a good atmosphere and mood on her side, too.

    Room n° 16, she complained moving up the stairs. By the way, the public shower for active couples on the way to the battle field didn't bothered us within the following 60 minutes.

    OK, I knew that she is small but after taking off her "towers" she shrank on 150 cm .... Nelly, now standing up on the bed and me in front of it "made" us on par. Kissing is ok but she doesn't use her tongue in an active way or only sometimes. Her rather big nipples are perfect to be licked and Nelly seems to enjoy closing her eyes and moaning. The small cups are welcoming me to swamp one of it with my mouth acting as a vacuum pump - you know, when the whole cup is in your mouth. Sometimes small tits offer more than expected, for sure. And her body without any tattoos.

    As Nelly was my first choice of the day I also was quite horny when she took care of my cock. Otherwise it would have been a pleasure to enjoy her oral skills over a longer time and more intensive (by the wy I did that two hours later together with Bulgarian Maria pampering my cock for half an hour). In order to smooth the upcoming excitation we switched into cunnilingus. A feature Nelly evidently seems to enjoy, too. The moisture came off her pussy and, in contrary to Bulgarian Julia to weeks before, Nelly gave me the chance to send her over the peak. Certain areas of the bed sheet later felt like a wetness absorbing sponge.

    15 minutes for sex remaining Nelly covered my cock and I was surprised about the tightness of that even lubrificated pussy I conquered in missio style. Being horny the best way to master the situation instead of having the girl on top. As Nelly is 150 cm small her legs offer in addition a perfect leverage to be involved in the play enabling several nice positions even in missionary - an intensive feeling for us both and especially for me swabbing Nelly decisively.

    In the beginning I already mentioned her firm ass .... a reason why I wanted to enjoy our finish in doggy style. A good decision watching our action in the mirror on the wall. Meanwhile my level of excitation being covered and moving in a moistured pussy channel was on a lower level and as a result I fucked her intensively till the end.
    ju52, Streuner81 und Oecher80 gefällt das.

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